Going Basic

Counting gratefulness doesn’t have to be fancy. Nor do you need photos or a journal or a book to count. You don’t need  a witty list or elaborate gifts. Just go basic and start counting today. It’s amazing what can happen.

Your basic thanks turn funny. Your simple gift-counting paints an elaborate picture of this good life. Your hard thanks can bring you to wholeness.

Join me in giving thanks today. Simply begin.

Here’s my list:

462. Toilet paper.  Somehow late Saturday night, I realized that we ran out. I mean out. Six people. Five of them girls. You get the picture. I’ve lived in Asia. I can go without, but I like TP. Sorry for this one.

463. Deep sleep. Going basic today I guess, but I am truly grateful for this one. Plus our old dog is pacing a lot at night. I heard her clicking claws on the floor in my dreams. I don’t know what she’s doing, but I’m thankful when she doesn’t do it.

464. Fresh-picked dewberries. We found them at the family bay house this weekend. We picked and ate and picked and ate. Then we retrieved cups from the house to pick more. I love living off the land! It makes me feel rugged.If you’ve never had a dewberry you should try them. Better yet, go pick some. They are worth all the thorn-poking and scratching. If you get enough, you can make a cobbler that makes you close your eyes with each bite.

465. Four healthy children

466. Honest work for me and my husband

467. Muscles and bones that can walk, clean, and even run

468. Rain coming down

469. A garden growing

470. Shelter from storms

471. Finding things lost…a library book, an Ipod.

472. Fresh food to eat

Thanks be to God!

P.S. Yellowstone Part 3 coming tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Going Basic

  1. this is very good, very good, but the title threw me a little. Your husband told be “going Basic” was what he did when he didn’t have any clean underwear.

    • Oh, thanks for the info Kevin. I actually didn’t know this about Matt. Isn’t marriage great? Always discovering new things about one another.

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