Yellowstone Part 3

The Daddy of ‘Em All

We all look pretty rough in the morning, but the morning light helps. Oh, and campfire coffee helps too. The beauty of camping is in your surroundings (not mirrors). We ate quickly because the parade started at 9:30am.  Then we drove over to the Cheyenne Frontier Days Grand Parade. The children enjoyed the parade.

This parade hosts some of the best marching bands, and some of the floats have been in it since the 1926 parade. Before 1926, the parades were wild cowboys riding and shooting and lassoing pretty girls down the road. Parts of the parade told the history of Cheyenne, and there were plenty of pretty horses to be seen. It was a very nice parade, but I have to admit, I would have liked to see it before it was civilized. 🙂

After the parade, we headed over to Frontier Park. It took us a while to find the parking. Then we walked to the  Indian Village where there were free crafts for kids, and in the center Native American dancing and storytelling is held. We saw the end of the dancing. We had tickets for the rodeo at 12:45, so we walked around and let the kids do one craft before eating lunch.

The girls were given a little leather pouch, and they could choose a stamp for it. They stamped the pouches, and then beaded the pull-string. It wasn’t a long line to wait to do the craft, and they still have the pouches today.

We went to eat some lunch, and we found these Indian Fry-Bread Tacos. Oh, my. I can taste it as I’m writing this. It was kind of like a softy fried bready pita/tortilla thing on the bottom. Piled on top was meat, fresh tomatoes, fresh lettuce, cheese, sour cream. It was so warm and fresh. I wish I had one right now. I wanted to eat ten. I don’t even remember what the kids ate. I probably wasn’t watching them since I was having a private moment with my taco. I tried to replicate them one time; they turned out pretty good but not the same of course. There was fresh lemonade too. It was cold. Before heading to the rodeo, Maile, our second daughter, (who was 8 years old at the time), wanted us to take a photo of her and her little sisters. They didn’t want to.

We had good seats at the rodeo thanks to my bull-rider brother-in-law and his connections. The Cheyenne Rodeo is called the Daddy of ‘Em All. Just let that sink in. If you’re not a rodeo person, you may not know that every rodeo-er wants to eventually come to Cheyenne. It’s a big deal. Our kids rodeo. They were watching closely. The events were fun for us to watch, and the horse tricks and clowns are very entertaining.  It was a fast-paced event, but even so our little one was very tired by the end.

After the rodeo, we walked through the Wild Horse Gulch which is like an old frontier town, bought a t-shirt, and played on a playground. We decided that this would be one of the nights to eat out in a real-live restaurant, and so we went to the Little Bear Inn for dinner. They put us in a back room for our sake and theirs! Then we ate steak and other yummy things. I teased about getting chicken, and all my brother-in-laws and my husband made fun of me. They shamed me into eating beef. I was so glad. The adults were really enjoying their meal, and the children began to disappear to the dance floor one by one. Finally, we knew we had to go too or the Little Bear staff might kick us out. And then we danced! We danced with the kids, as cousins, as couples, and definitely as fools. Our girls still talk about that night. I don’t have a photo, and my 11-year-old is glad. I’m sure she doesn’t want you to see her dancing with her cousin. Finally, we took our sweaty, exhausted bodies back to the campsite knowing we were breaking camp in the morning. Off to Yellowstone we would go! Look who’s waiting for us….

To be continued…


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