A Simple Click

What do you click on? How does your home page get you to move to another page? Whose words get the privilege of your time? A simple click takes you places, gives you information, sparks an idea, spreads gossip.

Any blogs that I post with a title that hints toward a simpler life is read by many. I find that puzzling in this culture even as images from Better Homes & Gardens grace the coffee table.

I’ve been sitting back and reflecting on what gets my click and why. Surfing must be more fun in the ocean but I’ve never done it. We ride waves of information instead. I mistake it for knowledge at times. What we really need is wisdom.

I let go of the mouse and go outside. I breathe deep the jasmine smell, and I return to breathe in a hug from the littlest girl here.

What are we holding tight today? If my hands were open, if I let go, I might feel connected to the Divine. All would be fulfilled and clicks would not be needed. I would see.

Many, many clicks in our culture lead us to blogs, articles, and information about saving money, letting go of things, and simplifying our lives. Who really changes after that download? Some do.

But what does it mean when we read and read and read about chronic problems and do nothing? Don’t you already know what you need to do? Don’t I?

Isn’t God about being anyways? Is this our chronic problem? Do we want more of doing and more of nothing and more and more and more?

This really isn’t a simple click, and there isn’t an easy finisher. I can’t even wrap this up for you, because it’s ripped wide open here….

O God we are looking for answers. We want information. We like to know what we are talking about. We need wisdom. Help us to see. Open our eyes, Lord. We want to see the light. We want to be plugged into Your Being. Forgive our grasping and grappling and grabbing. In Christ, who is Risen, we pray. Amen.


2 thoughts on “A Simple Click

  1. (sheepishly) i click on little squares of dirt. and then i click them again and plant seeds. and it’s delightful. but i’m way too addicted to farmville.

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