The Blank Page

Oh, it stares at you. It’s not that you have nothing to say. It’s that you don’t have the words. Perhaps it’s the pressure of projects weighing down the pen (or typing fingers). Maybe there’s a stunning of others’ pain that keeps you silent. Or, you might favor a melodramatic view of life where you are often ready to throw in the towel (or the keyboard) and speak of it loudly to those around you :). The is the blank page in which I find myself today. Our stories came from somewhere.

Whatever it is, inspiration comes today by the Writing Sisters. My eyes open and I see that the blank page is also a gift and not a curse, a possibility and not a poop.

And I count my thanks out loud when I would rather be silent.

473. blank pages

474. a jog through Spring woods

475. sisters

476. a bride and groom and their radiance shining out with the sky’s the limit kind of light

477. dewberry kolaches

478. clean towels

479. new writing opportunities

480. honest reflection

481. 2 Corinthians 4:1-6

482. wedding cake

Join me in giving thanks today.


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