“Do I have to get tubes?” Maile asks as I tell her about her appointment with the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.

“I don’t know,” I say noncomittal.

“What are tubes? What are tubes? What are tubes?” Claire keeps saying over and over again.

“For your ears,” Anna adds.

“Tubes? Tubes for what? In your ear? Gross!” Lydia chimes in.

“Maile has to get tubes? When?” Anna asks. “How big are the tubes?”

This is how we have conversations around here. Can you imagine our car rides?

“I don’t know if Maile is getting tubes! Tubes are tiny little tubes a doctor puts in your ear to help the mucus and snot drain out. This helps reduce ear infections,” I say very informed.

“I want tubes,” Anna says.

Maile sits nervously.

Lydia says, “Yeah, I’ll take some too.”

“I never want tubes! I hate tubes!” Claire yells.

“I had tubes,” I say quietly. I don’t think anyone heard me. 🙂


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