We should bless our children. Did you know? Man, they get on my nerves sometimes. We should bless them. Wow, the love I have for them threatens to spill over and out. Why would I ever forget to bless them?

When I was a younger parent (and more stressed and controlled and intentional), we sang a song of blessing over our girls every night. It was a benediction we had sung at our church. We are older parents now. Bedtime isn’t very early these days. At night we are ready to call it quits, and we haven’t sung a blessing to the kids in a pretty good while.

Last night, Claire was scared at bedtime so I offered to sing. I sang our blessing song, and even in the dark I could see their eyes were glued to my face. I wrapped up the song, and Lydia (6 years)  sighed. “That song almost made me cry, Mom,” she said. She is so tender-hearted that my heart hurts when I hug her.

It won’t be sweet every night, but rhythm liturgy isn’t always sweet. It’s just faithful and honest. It changes with seasons and we are finding our way to keep blessing the children as they get older. We want to speak truth into their lives and love them well and prepare them well for life. We want to bless them so they will know they are valued and have potential and purpose.

Here’s the song (to the tune of  Edel Weiss):

May the Lord, mighty Lord, bless and keep you forever; 

Granting peace, perfect peace; courage in every endeavor.

Lift your eyes and see His face, know His grace forever.

May the Lord, might Lord, bless and keep you forever.

Happy Blessing.


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