A Writer’s Mind

Do you have a writer’s mind? I could say it’s a beautiful thing.

Something like a writer’s mind is the ultimate sewing machine binding us together by connecting the cloths of people, life, emotions, etc. Or it’s a painful thing to hold all the world in story. You can say it’s a great thing to have something to say. You smell everything! You see all the colors! You feel things deeply. However it can be frustrating to be so introspective.

It causes some day-to-day details to get lost.

It may make your ironing pile grow to enormous heights without you noticing.

It could cause you to inadvertently switch your gas station sunglasses for your father-in-law’s nice ones for over a week. You might never have known if he hadn’t seen you wearing them and said, “Hey those are my sunglasses!” You will pass them over sheepishly…more embarrassed that you didn’t have a clue while he ranted and searched for a week.

You might send expired yogurts for your child’s preschool class to have for their snack…sheepish yet again when the teacher gives them back to you in the pick-up line.

You’ll probably always forget something at the store. You’re too busy guessing the life story of the elderly man who can’t decide which cottage cheese to buy.

In the end, I’ll take the blue goose-ness to go along with this mind.

Just remind me to write that down.


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