I’m Working Here

Hey, the coffee is hot, and I’m working here. I’m going to be here for a long time. I’m sewing myself into the chair so I can’t sneak away from this project.

But there are seven things I wanted to share with you today.

1. After enjoying the preschool program, I grabbed the preschooler and hightailed it to the Middle School choir concert. I made it to hear my girl sing. You really can do it all! Except I think I have high blood pressure now. Plus I speeded (using the preschooler’s terminology).

2. Middle school is full of awkwardness. Wow. I forgot about daily humiliation and mortification.

3. I’m still debating on whether or not I should have said turd in my last post.

4. I have a bowl of cereal most nights before I go to bed. After 15 years, my husband is used to the crunching by now. I love cereal. Remember all those cereal boxes on Seinfeld?

5. Today is  my second daughter’s birthday.  I love her. I’m glad she was born. It was one of the best days of my whole life. Plus she was a very big baby. I won’t say anything else….just that I remember.

6. I think I’m going to like a new show called Revolution on NBC. Also, there were some comments at the bottom of the trailer for it that disturbed me. Also it disturbed me that I was reading the comments at the bottom of a TV show trailer. Hello, time-waster. Nice to meet you.

7. While I was trying to take what I knew would be a bad picture with my phone at the preschool program of my baby girl since my camera died, Lydia kept putting her face right in my ear and whispering loudly things like,

“Oh my gosh (looking at a huge stain-glass window of Jesus), is that how big God is, Mom? I mean, whoa!”

“Hey, Mom how old is God?”

“Hey what about Jesus? Is he old? How big is Jesus?”

Sometimes I just can’t take it all in…there’s too much loveliness in this mom-life. Plus I don’t have all the answers, but I sure like hearing the questions.

That’s all.

I’m working here.


One thought on “I’m Working Here

  1. Katie,

    I have an extra digital camera that I never use. I hate having something around occupying space, and besides, I’ve got that vow of simplicity thing coming up. If you will email your address to me at tiodennis@gmail.com, I would be happy to send it to you. (Besides, someone with children needs a good camera.) God bless.

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