Family Friday: Week Update

1. We got a new fish. Apparently he wasn’t as hardy as Orangey. Poor Super Spotsy. RIP. Orangey rules the fish tank and doesn’t need friends.

2. Our garden is dying. Stinkin’ aphids. Not the peppers though. They can stand on their own two feet.

3. Go with the grit. It’s good for your gut. I’m talking about oat bran….Don’t eat your yogurt without it.

4. It’s almost summer. This means I’ll be writing in the wee hours and playing in the daylight. Sleep’s for wimps.

5. My husband and I are going to do a 30-day Yoga challenge. It sounds official, but  I’m making it up. Every day for 30 days, we are going to do at least 15 minutes of yoga. No skipping. I will report to you the results. Right now on average, he does none and I do about 45 minutes once or twice a week. We are going for consistency! He’s going for flexibility. I’m in it for strength. You should do it too!

6. Our children are growing up. It’s good. IT’s good. It’s Good. All shall be well.

7. I made these wraps. They were tasty. I substituted hummus for the cream cheese part. No one appreciated them except Matt. That’s okay. You don’t have to impress all the people in your house with your cooking. If they don’t like it, they can make their own food. Or if they’re 5, you can just make them eat it….unless they were laid out all day with a stomach virus. Then, just stick with the applesauce, please.

8. This week I used cinnamon chips in my chocolate chip cookies. Popular move.  Just do it. Oh, and put the chocolate chips in too.

9. Guinea pigs look weird after a bath. We decided they were Rock Star Guinea Pigs.

10. My husband and I need to go on a date. Seriously.

That’s it! Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “Family Friday: Week Update

  1. Let me know if you want any of our squash and zucchini…this morning I resorted to grating it and putting it in the scrambled eggs…they didn’t even notice. I’m trying not to force it on anyone…but if you want some, let me know. I’m with you on not having to please everyone at mealtimes…just not possible.

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