Sunday Confession

1. My children might be entrepreneurs. Lydia (6 years old) told me on the way home this afternoon that she thinks we should open a Pop-Tart store. We would only sell Pop-Tarts. Oh, and toys. I said, “Yes, but I don’t think anyone would come because you can get Pop-Tarts at any old store.” She said, “Yes, but ours would be only  Pop-Tarts and there would be millions of them. Kids like Pop-Tarts, Mom. A lot. It would work. I’m telling you–a dozen people would come!” I just smiled. She has big ideas. They are adorable.

2. My baby nephew (3 months) seemed to be paying a lot of attention to the sermon this morning. He wasn’t making a peep, and my sister-in-law kept taking him out. Turns out, he was being creative during the sermon too.

3. Tomorrow we embark on an adventure called Horse Camp. It will be filled with fun, dirt, horses, manure, sweaty kids, and dirt. We would appreciate your prayers.

4. We went on a date last night. It was lovely. I recommend it.

5. My eyebrows grow together.

6. I love to get up for church on Sundays.

7. We talk to guinea pigs around here. Sometimes. A lot of times. Okay, I say, “Good Morning, Piggies!” everyday.

8. Most issues or problems usually stem from a deeper issue. Instead of saying, “I’m bad for wanting this or doing this” we should ask, “What is the real issue here? What void am I trying to fill?” For example: Daily Humiliations.

9. Our Yoga challenged deflated. June is not the month for this apparently. We have done yoga more than normal, but not every day. Sorry to disappoint. I feel better now that you know.

10. From our dinner table behavior tonight, I have concluded that we could use a Manners Trainer here. I guess I’ll have to do a better job.Also, reading the Bible together does not equate good manners either. Sometimes it’s fun and meaningful. Sometimes it’s not. Toss-up. Still good though.

11. When people in this house do someone I don’t like, I have been saying firmly, “You’re fired.” Everyone is confused about this except me. It makes me feel better.


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