I’m Bored

“I’m bored.”

Have you heard it yet? I heard this lament today. She must have forgotten. If I hear that, I give out jobs. Yea for jobs! We’ve been on the go non-stop since school ended. It’s okay to have these slow days. Why are we bad at slow? What is we cultivate gratefulness this summer instead of entertainment? I didn’t give her a job this time…just grace.

Aren’t we all working on this together? Let’s simply begin again. I’m so grateful. Thanks be to God for:

508. Horse Camp

509. clean jeans (finally!)

510. children who know how to work hard

511. cartoons

512. scrambled eggs with turkey, red and green peppers

513. grins of accomplishments at swim lessons

514. crunchy, green hair from swimming

515. peach yogurt

516. hot dogs by the working pens when a storm hit our trail ride

517. photos

518. Lydia reading to Teddy

519. Maile learning to rope off a horse

520. rodeo parents

521. patient teachers
522. a blogger friend who generously gave us a new camera

Join me in giving thanks!


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