Pass the Powdered Donuts

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: What? This is the Lentil recipe lady not only posting but titling her post about a junk food that really isn’t food. Sorry to disappoint. I’m not perfect. I actually love powdered donuts. I know that puts me in some weird category, but I have a lot of discipline almost every time I walk by them. Not this week.

1. I had a slumber party to get ready for and my husband was gone all week at our Student Mission Camp with my oldest daughter. I think I was smirking when I told him that there would be eight girls here when he arrived home.
2. I mowed the lawn while they were gone which is not something I normally do. I can and I did. But, usually this is one area that I am comfortable with stereotypical gender roles. My neighbor on my right saw me and gave me a thumbs up. My other neighbor (whom I saw towards the very end) watched me with serious concern. I don’t think I looked very spry. I kept thinking grateful thoughts about our big yard and a strong body. At the end I could have used a trainer yelling at me. It was a good workout.
3. The girls have resumed production of Summer Fighting Season 4. It’s the 4th summer we’ve lived here. Before that we lived in Asia. There ain’t summers over thar.
4. Still trying my late night writing…it’s not going well. You can pray.
5. I drove my husband’s car this week. It’s old but it works. Except for the A/C. It’s really only cold in the front. The kids in the back started acting like they were at Horse Camp. They took wet bandanas to wrap around their necks and Gatorade while running errands. Oh, and then a few days into the week, the driver’s side window went down and never came back up. It was traumatic for the little girls in the back. (Although they had already resigned themselves to their windows being open.) They didn’t like all the wind especially on the highway. They got used to it. So used to it that when we were walking out to the car after swim lessons on Friday, they both dove through the front window instead of opening the door. “Hey, the door’s not broken. Yet.” I said, chuckling about the Dukes of Hazard of which they know nothing about. I almost dove in myself, but I decided it probably wouldn’t be as fun as it looked.
6. The night after the slumber party, we went to my husband’s 20th high school reunion. It was a very interesting night. Wow. I know it was surreal for him, but I actually didn’t go to high school or know any of the people I chatted it up with. Hmm. More thoughts later.
7. It’s the second week of swimming lessons. The mom and baby class is going on in front of us while I watch my two younger girls learn to dive and do strokes. This is an intense mom and baby class. Today they threw the babies off the diving board. They caught them, but I seriously saw some of them swimming. It was awesome. And stressful.

So, how’s your summer? Would you like me to pass the donuts? Someone told me today that one of the things they appreciate about our family and this blog is that we are real and definitely not perfect. I love that. Yay! Let’s join hands and sing or something. Don’t you feel better now?  I do. I’m walking by the donuts today and giving thanks instead. Well, maybe I’ll have one. I’ve got to get rid of these things. It was a big bucket from Sam’s. Maybe I’ll have another slumber party.

Aren’t you glad to embrace your imperfection since God already has? I wonder if God would like a donut?
Here’s my thanks instead:

523. a very fun slumber party filled with wonder, laughing and some screaming
524. powdered donuts
525. Making sleepover pillow cases with fabric markers to take home
526. Anna sleeping over 12 hours after student missions camp…and her eyes sparkle when she told me about the children she worked with at an inner city kid’s camp
527. girl Lego’s
528. family trail rides
529. Father’s Day
530. Finding laughter instead of griping
531. Matt reconnecting with old high school friends
532. Another camp send-off with my Maile-girl early this morning
533. Summer reading program at the library

Join me in giving thanks!


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