8 Things I Forgot About

8 Things I Forgot About

1. Fresca…I like Fresca. It’s refreshing. I drank one today. I had just opened it and had one sip and my dog licked the the top of the can. I’ll let you guess if I drank the rest. 
2. Tab…I never had a Tab and now it’s too late. Did you know it was the first diet soda?
3. Harrison Ford as Hans Solo….he was good, a little cheesy but good. 
4. What it’s like to drive in the car on a trip without kids. So quiet. So so quiet.
5. Sleeping. I guess I’ll get some sleep in the Fall. 
6. Jams. Hey do you remember Jams? I was wishing I had a pair for our next camping trip. Those shorts were so cozy and really bright and colorful! I’ll bet their waist would come up as high as my neck.
7. My dad’s old red truck with the hole in the back corner of the truck bed. My many siblings and I would ride gathered around the hole and throw leaves and bits of paper out and watch it hit the running road. No parenting comments please. It was the early ’80s, man!
8. What it’s like to drive a school bus. I used to do that for a few weeks a million years ago. Oh, the jobs I’ve had. I’ve got skills.


4 thoughts on “8 Things I Forgot About

  1. Nobody can chastise you on throwing stuff through the hole in the truck unless they jump on board with my siblings and I standing up in the back of the truck while it was taking jumps. It is not easy being the sibling stuck in the middle with no window openings to cling to. Hey! After all, it WAS the 80’s.

  2. I read this post and it reminded me of a creative non-fiction writing seminar, as if the professor said, “write eight stories in eight thoughts.” My favorite is the one about the hole in the bed of your dad’s pickup. I can see you and your ilk gathered ’round, looking down, wondering if those sticks and leaves hurt when they hit the fast pavement.

    I remember the rear vomit seat of my mom’s station wagon where cousin Cam and I let out twelve feet of fifty pound test with a lead split-shot crimped to the end as we sped down I-65 between Woodbury, Ky and Nashville, TN. It bounced.

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