The Numbers

I have this thing with numbers. I can still remember my home phone number from 20 years ago. I actually can remember my childhood phone number. I used to have all of our passport numbers memorized when we lived overseas. I don’t count things like Will Ferrell in the movie Stranger than Fiction. I’m not even great at math. I  can memorize, people. We get excited about big numbers. I’m  not sure why. Bigger crowds, big attendance, high stats, big money. This invokes excitement in most people. Either we long for a common goal or our excitement is ego based. I think God wishes we had the first one down. I believe God is calling us to join the mission God has for the world.  What mission is that you ask?

Transformation to wholeness, redemption of brokenness, beauty out of nasty, compassion and mercy defeating egocentric living.

Don’t you need this mission of God? I know I do. Doesn’t everyone?

Discipline of gratitude is a great place to begin participation on this mission.

Offering a number of gifts that I’m grateful for today:

534. Reading The Belly Book (Beginner Books(R)) with two sleepy girls.

535. Vacation Bible School…we are having ours at the airport this year in a real hangar. We don’t have a church building (on purpose), so we get creative with VBS. The last two years it was in the park and the year before that at the zoo. Fun times. Hot, but fun.

536. Red sunsets

537. Catching up with old friends

538. Migas…I’ve got to make these. It’s so much yummier to order them in a restaurant. Mmm. If you’ve never had Migas, well, this is a problem for you. Solve it.

539. “Eating cheese”….this is the ornery phrase my children say when they don’t want to say what they are thankful for at the table. One dinner time, every single child around the table said it. The little ones were cackling, and the older girls each started their satire with, “No, no this one is for real….um…what was it? Oh, eating cheese.” Ugh. I finally cracked a smile. I couldn’t help it. Plus I really do like eating cheese. My favorite is Muenster.

540. bright, yellow sheets

541. double rainbows

542. playing link-tag

543. swimming with daughters

544. saying goodbye to friends moving overseas…bittersweet

545. Micah 6:8

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
    And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
    and to walk humbly with your God.

Join me in giving thanks!


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