Wanting to be Water

The moon is working tonight to show something magical on this bay water.
Everything beautiful is reflected on the water.
I wish I could be water.
Then what is reflected would be radiant and sparkly.
Everything is washed away by water.
I wish I could be washed again and again.
Then I wouldn’t have to face the shadow side.
Everything is nourished by water.
I need water, don’t you? Let’s drink together of
Water that is living.
I want to live and flow and wave away.
But water moves with purpose and doesn’t really run away.
Everyone recognizes the sound of water.
I hear You in the water. You call me inward.
O to be salty water with magical moonlight sparkles.
You create thirst within us and O God we are thirsty to be water.

Ho, everyone who thirsts, come to the water. Isaiah 55:1

Thanks be to God, the Source of all water.


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