Bayhouse Problems

1. Something is always leaking. Air conditioners, toilets, oil, pipes. This is the place my husband sweat his first copper pipe! Also it’s fun to watch 4 men fix one air conditioning problem.

2. There are a lot of stings. Jellyfish, stingrays, cabbage heads, splinters, wasps. P.S. We are running out of baking soda.

3. There are breakdowns: boats, jetskis, young moms lacking sleep, chair, toddlers on a no-nap schedule, sailboats, water pumps, tubes, personal hygiene, refrigerators, stoves, healthy eating.

4. We need more trash cans. Wow. And revisiting the 3R’s would be helpful. (reduce, reuse, recycle) Mainly there are a lot of peeps here.
5. There aren’t very many spoons here. I have no idea what happened to them. My nephew ate cereal this mornin with a serving spoon. He said it was awesome. Plus he finished in a flash.
6. After community living for over a week, cousins gain sibling status. Fight club.

We love the bayhouse!!! And these problems only endear it to our hearts even more. Hope it makes you smile. Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “Bayhouse Problems

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