Neverending Story

My husband and I were discussing the movie The Neverending Story  the other day. Do you remember it? I loved it when I was a kid. He hated it. I think it’s because none of it was real. I said I loved the big dog they flew around on. The dog was so fluffy. He said he thought the dog was one of the stupidest things about the movie. We agreed to disagree. 🙂 What I loved about the story is that the main character actually got to go into the book he was reading, and that was so what I wanted when I was young. I see this desire in my children as well when they are into a good book. Wouldn’t it be great?

The real story you find yourself in is hard to be in sometimes, isn’t it? I don’t know why, but escape seems great sometimes. When I begin to count the gifts in this story I’m in, it eases desire I have for new experiences or avoidance of daily work. Contentment is found is the never ending story we can write on gratefulness.

Thanks be to God for:

560. Horses and girls special relationship

561. fuzzy, brown blanket

562. lentils and rice shared with friends

563. Rodeo Kids

564. The Letter of James

565. Mountains coming on the horizon

566. A Letter from Lydia I found today:

Join me in giving thanks!


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