I Love a Rainy…


I know you thought I was going to say “night.” I was, but it’s not night. A million years ago in a different house in a different town in Texas, I was singing that song at the top of my lungs with my sister. We had the single record. Oh, Eddie Rabbit. Bring it back. And why is your last name Rabbit? Yes, I said record. It was a 45. We played it over and over again whether it was raining or not. I sang it to my kids today. They do not appreciate my performances.

I’m getting a lot of quality time with my computer these days, and I have to say that I won’t be missing it when I leave for the wild blue yonder at the end of the week. This quality time is making me a bit loopy. Also, camping lists make me loopy too. Also, I had to go to the doctor today again with a different daughter. I wish they would get their sickness together. It’s very efficient when they all go down at the same time. Although, then I don’t sleep. My husband says sleep is overrated. I’m beginning to see a recurring theme with him. He thinks most things are overrated. He’s right, by the way. America. Marketing. That’s all!

I’m so loopy that I’m ignoring a mysterious fly breeding program that is happening in our bathroom. It’s weird. I’m afraid of what is in there. Dude, the bathroom is clean. I’m not saying people in this house flush regularly, but I clean it a lot. Matt is investigating now. I’ll keep you posted.

Hey, this blog post is loopy too, but I know you don’t mind. I think God understands too. If I don’t make sense, God will know I meant well. I know this because God is helping me a lot right now make my writing make sense….even in the middle of the night. I need some grounding in counting blessings, and so I come here on this rainy Monday to say–

Thanks be to God for:

567. soup and mac n’cheese

568. coffee…my new BFF; actually we’ve been friends for a while, but we are getting pretty tight this week.

569. children who can clean well…you should see what a 12-year-old can do with a vacuum and a couch!

570. The Grand Tetons! They are calling my name. I keep telling them to “Hold, please” but they don’t listen very well. I will be right there!

571. New rain jackets for girls

572. Coming to the end of a writing project….yea!!!

573. Watermelon smoothies

574. clean guinea pigs….I know this sounds dumb, but you wouldn’t say so if you knew how they stunk

575. Darrell Scott’s album “Family Tree”

576. Maile’s British accent imitation while waiting at the doctor. She’s quite good at it, actually!

577. Hard prayer….wrestling prayer….struggling prayer

578. Conversations with Mom

579. corn dogs and watermelon with family

Join me in giving thanks!


2 thoughts on “I Love a Rainy…

    • Yes we are! I’m so excited! Thank you. I know that’s what I though about the flies, but we’ve had so much rain, and my husband didn’t find anything.

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