Camping is In-Tents

I finished a writing project today. I wish you could see my victory dance. I’d like to thank my big black office chair for helping me get through this last writing project. I’d also like to thank my husband for taking the girls in the evenings to do fun things. I would like to thank my dogs for keeping me company in the wee hours while I wrote. I would not like to thank the printer in this house. It’s poop.

Now, we are moving on to the packing phase of the next camping adventure. We love camping. But you probably guessed that. One time we were talking about vacation, and my sister-in-law told my husband’s aunt that most of her vacations were in tents. Our aunt thought she meant “intense” and it was funny to see her face. She was impressed with that, and she said, “What’s that mean?” I interrupted by saying, “No, she means In Tents!” We laughed and laughed. Our aunt said she was really going to be impressed with us until she knew the truth. She said, “I couldn’t imagine what you meant! Wow, an intense vacation!” We laughed a long time. I laughed the loudest because I had just bought my husband this T-shirt (above). He wears it a lot. I’m jealous of it.

I’m hoping to post some while away, but feel free to browse around to older posts and such while I’m gone. I’m about to be in the car with 5 other people for a million years. Okay, it’s only 28 hours, but still. You can pray.

I was assigned a cooking night in the back country. I actually think I volunteered. I still don’t know what I’m cooking.  If anyone has any suggestions, can you share? I’m not overwhelmed by the back country…..just the 24 people I have to feed.

I’m off to finish packing, but I wanted to leave you with a blessing or a prayer from a prayer book I love and would recommend to you.

God bless the path on which you go

God bless the earth beneath your feet

God bless your destination.

God be a smooth way before you

A guiding star above you

A keen eye behind you

This day, this night, and forever.

God be with you whatever you pass

Jesus be with you whatever you climb

Spirit be with you wherever you stay.

God be with you at each stop and each sea

At each lying down and each rising up

In the trough of the waves, on the crest of the billows

Each step of the journey you take.

~from Celtic Blessings: Prayers for Everyday Life


2 thoughts on “Camping is In-Tents

  1. Katie, I love your blog. your writing stirs my heart and I feel like it reflects what a none writer wants to think/say. Thank you for your truthfulness, for your vulnerability. I hope you and your family are having wonderful tent vacations. Aren’t the Grand Teton’s amazing! You are writing childrens devotional? Where can I check them out at?? Etta (Emberlin) Mill

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