Finding the Open Spaces

We are finding the open spaces. We are in the last 2 hours of a 28 hour drive. It’s fairly calm in here actually. I think we’ve trained these kids to travel by golly. Or maybe they’re just older. There has been a little screaming and just one altercation between girls. Or perhaps we have let go of control. The scenery here is magnificent, and I can’t imagine what it will be like when we see the Tetons again.

Last night I was on the 8pm-2am driving shift, and it was oh so quiet in here. I was very ponderous while I drove. It was dark and the land felt expansive even though I couldn’t see very far. I thought that is how God seems although we get small glimpses and full glory at different times of seeing God.

All of a sudden, lightning cracked the sky open. It wasn’t for very long, but I saw everything as it was. As the darkness closed again, I felt sad. Then it cracked again and again and again. It was beautiful and truthful.

I get caught in darkness sometimes, don’t you? It folds me in and I an’t see out. It seems to start with making me the center instead of God. I need the light to crack through…not to knock me down. No, I think God really just wants us to see. We can see the expansive beauty that God has for us.

Light comes. Love comes. Grace comes. We are free of our selfish center.

Then we are ready for the real open spaces.

May God help us


6 thoughts on “Finding the Open Spaces

  1. You are so right. I also struggle with the darkness from time to time. I think this secular world can be so distracting at times and it slowly dims the light until one day we realize we are in total darkness if we are not careful. Great post, it really has me reflecting on my own life and where I might need to add more lighting to various spaces.
    Safe travels and God Bless

  2. So true! Whenever I make myself the center, darkness closes in. But He always shows me the way out. And lighting, I love to watching bolts of lighting sizzle across the sky. Blessings!

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