Family Friday: Camp’s End

1. The following are in a very shabby, dirty state: my fingernails, our feet, our van, everyone’s hair and clothing.
2. The following are in a very fulfilled, glorious state: our souls, our attitudes, our gratitude for God’s beauty.
3. I’m growing a new back to my heel. Wow. What a blister! Also heel cracks are very unattractive.
4. Our kids miss our pets.
5. Our oldest wants to move to the Tetons when she is a grown up. I’m great with that. I shall visit often.
6. We hit a bear-sighting record this year folks! More on this later…
7. My sleeping bag is so warm. Western Mountaineering is my friend.
8. Firewood that you buy at the Park thus year makes the smokiest fire in the whole world.
9. We are tired and ready to go home but we already discussed next year’s possibilities! 🙂
10. Everything tastes good around a campfire…even smoky ones.
11. I’m a good canoe paddler. I’m serious. You want me in your canoe. Not so much on the steering though…you don’t want me to steer. Trust me. 
12. There are a few grouchy people in this car. I’m not giving out names. It’s true.

Okay I have to go drive my shift now.

Happy Friday!


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