Mountains at Home

I was texting with my Mama yesterday morning. This is how it went:

Mom: Are you home?

Me: We made it home about 10:30 last night!!

Mom: Hooray!

Me: I know! Let the laundry begin…

Mom: Mountains at home

Me: Hey…that’s funny Mom!

Mom: I try

I loved her try, so I had to share with you. It’s been a day of putting away and gathering food for my chicks and finding things and cleaning. Whew. Also, today has been a hard day for my Mom. She has leukemia, and every day she has been here this whole year has been extra. I didn’t expect to text her today one year ago. I am so very grateful for these extry days.  It hasn’t been easy. It’s hard to think you’re going to die soon, and then you don’t and then you don’t and then you don’t. She prepared her things, her will, her children, and here she is. It’s hard to know how to live I think, but that’s a problem that we all have. It’s by God’s grace that we live anyways, right? Why do we always want to know what’s next?

I’ve learned in all this that most of the time dying is a slow process. Perhaps that’s true for what needs to fade in our own lives. It’s a slow struggle to change and we  are like weeble-wobbles….back and forth….one step forward, two steps back. Why does God even bother with us? We are not very efficient.

Thanks be to God today for:

580. Safe travels

581. memories made…stories to come (this trip was chock-full of blog material….just you wait, Henry Higgins!)

582. mountains in the north

583. mountains at home

584. Extra days with Mom and another birthday passed!

585. the smoky campfire smell brought home

586. photos

587. family time

588. the beauty salon going on in the next room…I’ve never heard so many screams from a nail salon, but I’m sure it’s fine

589. babies

590. wild raspberry that I ate on the Rendezvous Mountain hike…I can’t get it out  of my mind. It was the best berry I’ve ever had. Hands-down.

591. God’s grace and love and mercy….even for inefficient weeble-wobbles

Join me in giving thanks!


5 thoughts on “Mountains at Home

  1. Ah, home sweet home. I am sure you will tackle that mountain at home. And blessings to your family as your mom struggles through this horrible disease. My grandfather had it. I don’t know much about it, but I do know it knows no boundaries. Enjoy those days with your mom.

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