The List Grows

My list of grace is growing. Isn’t yours? We don’t even see it growing sometimes. What a shame. I’m prying my eyes open right now. I want to see. Don’t you? God is continually gracing us, but we can shut our eyes tight with schedules, expectations, and selfish living.

Tonight my daughter rescued a wild bunny from the claws of a cat. Yeah. Now there is a wild bunny on our porch in a crate that is an invalid. My husband and Anna tried to feed it a bottle of milk. No go. It’s not looking good for Peter. I’m really a circle of life kind of girl, so I’m digging deep here for compassion. Matt said he channeled St. Francis a bit and got it to drink a little milk on the second try. The whole thing does remind me of the beginning of Charlotte’s Web. Anna is trying to rid the animal world of injustice just like Fern. We’ll see how it turns out. Hopefully, Peter will get well and be released back into the wild.

We’ve had a full week of graces, and I am full of thanks tonight for:

592. Green Recycle Bins

593. Slip N Slide fun

594.  School supplies bought and organized

595. Rodeo Awards

596. Lydia leading an impromptu yoga session on the Slip N Slide…loved capturing this!

597.  date night that includes Thai food

598. a daughter’s compassion….even if it extends more toward wild animals than her sisters

599.  Thai iced tea (it really is an unnatural color but it is so tasty…like a dessert really)

600. upcoming visit with my mom

601. soul friends who really hear you

602. the interweaving of writing and reading

603. dreams

604. end of Summer

605. This comment by my friend Brother James,

Sometimes we have to dwell for a while in the nothing that is not there, and the nothing that is.

Thanks be to God. Join me in giving thanks!


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