Big Bend Part 5

We went to the showers after the Hot Springs. It was our only one for the week, so we made it a good one. Showering while camping is a bit of a whip for me. My husband gets to go to the men’s showers alone and take his time. I have all the girls with me. That’s all. I’ve complained about it before. It is getting easier as they get older!

That night the temperature dropped even more, but we were still warm in our cozy bags. Getting out of them was difficult, but there was another day of hiking to be had. The next day we declared a canyon day! Okay, there are a lot of canyons at Big Bend, but still. We ate our breakfast with gloves on, and then we made lunches. Oh! I forgot to tell you that I will be forever grateful to my brother-in-law Clay for frying up a turkey so we could have real turkey sandwiches on this Thanksgiving trip. Everyday we had these yummy sandwiches thanks to him!

Our first stop was the Burro Mesa Pour-off. It is an easy 1 mile round-trip hike that is in the Lower Burro Mesa. I know you can stop at the top of the Burro Mesa, but I think that is the scenic stop by car. The hike was easy, and the children were cheerful. They loved this hiking life. It was a cool morning still, and when we reached the end of the hike the upward view was incredible.

That is my tall sister-in-law, Mattea. I love her. She is very organized and likes structure, and she is constantly pushing herself to do new things. Let me just say here that sister-in-laws are a real bonus gift from a marriage. I love all of mine. They are my friends, too. It can be a great relationship if you let everyone just be who they are.

I sat down here at the bottom the pour-off, and I remember experiencing a bit of weariness from travel at this moment. I took a deep breath and watched the energy of the children as they climbed and explored. I wondered what it was like when this Burro Mesa was actually pouring off. I imagined it wasn’t a place one would want to be in that moment. But it had this fallish desert beauty that enclosed us in this space, and I felt small but safe to look up and enjoy the view. There were big leaves under my feet, and I kicked them a little. I laughed at our little hiking group as they lined up in play.

It’s funny how a short hike can offer so many perspectives. Just because something isn’t hard doesn’t mean you don’t learn from it. It can still change you. We had some snacks here, and we listened. We saw people at the very top of the pour-off looking down at us. Perspectives change. I think sometimes with faith in God we just see with the same old tired eyes all the time. What if we had a fresh look at God? What if we started from the bottom instead of always wanting to be at the top? What if we let others look down for awhile? We could just sit, weary maybe and let the safety of God’s presence give us new life.

We didn’t stay very long, and it was an easy hike back to the cars. We were in a good rhythm at this point on the trip, and everyone hopped in and we left. Our next stop was Tuff Canyon.

To be continued…

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5 thoughts on “Big Bend Part 5

  1. Big Bend is one of my favorite places. I have enjoyed your pictures and stories. We went years ago when you could take a row boat over to Boquillos, Mexico. It was a great trip.

    • Thank you! Big Bend is a wonderful place with so much rugged beauty. I was surprised the whole time that I was still in Texas! Thank you for reading. Blessings!

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