Gross and Funny!

I am warning you now that this is a random post. I was thinking of blogging about things I don’t like. It would’ve gone like this:

1. Finding a 3 month old sandwich in a lunch box at 6:45 this morning. Wow. I can’t even describe the smell to you. I will tell you it was blackish-green. I ran screaming out the door and threw the whole thing away….glad it was trash day.

2. Putting shower curtains back on the rings. It’s a whip job, but you have to wash them sometimes, man. They get nasty.

3. Dirt under my fingernails.

4. Hairballs in the washer.

5. Slipping in dog puke in bare feet down the hall.

And then I realized that I was being negative and maybe a little gross.

So, I will just share the funny-ness that is around here.

Last week on the last day on summer, I let everyone lay around as long as they wanted. I was putting some clothes away and I heard all four of them in my room.

Anna: “Maile, quit trying to kill me. I’m not going to play with you if you don’t stop trying to kill me.”

Maile: “Okay, okay. I’ll stop killing you.”

Lydia: “Anna, no zombies! I don’t like zombies!”

Anna: “Oh, they’re not real. Okay, no more zombies.”

Maile: “Lydia!!! Where are you? Anna, get out of my movie theater.”

Me, inserting myself once again, and seeing them all snuggled up in my bed: “What in the John Henry are you talking about? What are you playing? Are y’all being nice?”

All: “YES, Mom! We are just playing Minecraft!”

Me: “Oh, okay.”

Me:  “Hey, wait, zombies though? What about the zombies?”


At dinner tonight:

Claire: “How do they make broccoli?”

Lydia: “They shrink trees! Hahaha!”

And then later…

Claire: “Ducks pee out of their mouths.”

Lydia: “Yeah. Sometimes. But sometimes they pee where they’re supposed to pee.”

Me coming down the hall for this one: “Um, what are you talking about? Ducks don’t pee out of their mouths!”

Lydia: “We’re talking about rubber duckies, Mom! Gosh!”

Claire: “Yeah, Mom.”

I can feel them ganging up on me already. Psh.


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