Better Late Than Never

Sunday morning we were at the bay house, and Matt left early as usual before anyone was awake. I woke, dressed, fed kids, did everyone’s hair, and we were off. Five minutes down the road I noticed the temperature gauge creeping up. It kept moving. I started watching it intently. Finally, it was on the big fat red H, and the temperature warning light came on. I slowed down and pulled to the side of the farm road we were on. I ran through my options silently. Amid girls’ questions, I called my husband. He told me what he thought my options were. We agreed that I would wait for a while to let the engine cool, and then try to make it back to the bay house. We waited. We waited more. Then the girls and I declared that we should start the engine! So, we did and it was okay for a few miles. Then, I stopped again. It seemed okay as long as I didn’t go over ten miles an hour with no A/C. Finally, we made it back to the bay house. We were all a bit bummed out because we were ready for church as we slowly climbed the stairs to our porch. I changed my clothes and felt grouchy. And then…

“We can have bay church, Mom!” Maile said. So, Anna and Maile decided on the songs, Claire picked the Bible story, and Lydia bounced on the bed. We sang a couple of songs. I made them sing the Doxology because I want them to know it. Sometimes it’s okay to admit that some of the things you want your kids to know about faith is a little about your own nostalgia. That’s alright. Kids crave traditions anyways. Feed them. Just don’t get too fussy about it.  Then I read the “Lion story” by request from Claire. “God is strong,” someone said. “Yes,” I answered. Then we stood, held hands, and said the Lord’s Prayer together. There was a tiny sister altercation over the question of trespasses vs. debts. I prefer trespasses myself. Anna likes debts. Maile likes trespasses. I won. Lydia was smiling. I didn’t have any platitudes for them. We just said Amen, and that was good, too. Then we drew lions. Maile drew an angel that was with Daniel in that den. As I drew the mane for Claire, I knew I wasn’t as brave or as faithful as Daniel. I even wondered who I would be in that story. I don’t know. Who would you be? Then I realized: We made it to church after all.

Thanks be to God for:

630. a good novel…I’m reading Read Pink The Weird Sisters and I like it so far

631. a book finished…I wrote a little ditty (otherwise known as a children’s book)…I’ll keep you in the loop

632. clean floors

633. spelling words

634. Open House at the middle school

635. a pasture ride

636. helping my dog get in shape

637. ideas

638. stacks of tile…waiting patiently to be put into the bathroom

639. occasional breezes

640. multiplication battle with Maile

641. a working radiator!


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