Decisions and Circling

We’ve been making some major decisions around here this week. My mom has too…..more on that later. My neck hurts.

My youngest daughter told me this morning that she wanted a waffle with just syrup cut in bites, and then she asked if she could have a bagel with cream cheese also with lots of cheese  with the bagel put together like a sandwich. Wow. Where did she come from?  I wanted to yell, “This is a house of simplicity! How about some food on a plate for breakfast?” But I was too tired, so I just made her say please. I sometimes wish decisions were so simple or that we were making one so trivial. Not so this day.

I’m feeling the need for the Circling Prayer today, and I want to share it with you. This version is from a great prayer book called Celtic Blessings: Prayers For Everyday Life compiled by Ray Simpson. I invite you to pray this with me today.

The Holy Three encircle you

The Saving Three release you

The Eternal Three keep you

May the Loving Three caress you and work in you,

In your loved one,

In those you have lost,

In your dark,

In your day,

In your pain,

In your seeing, 

In your journey,

In eternity.


May God encircle you today with God’s everlasting Love. 


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