Hospice Partying

I’ve been spending time with my mom in the hospice inpatient facility. OH, and with my five siblings and their spouses and their children and their grandchildren. Wow. I just want you to know we really do try to not be so loud up here, but it’s hard for us. There’s a lot of us. We like to laugh. We want to respect the other families. The nurses keep saying they really don’t mind and that laughter is the best medicine after all. If this is true, we could provide a lot of best medicine for a lot of people. Here are my favorite quotes from the partying:

1. “So, what are you in here for? Pain management?” a random nurse asks Mom. “No,” she chuckles, “I came here to die,” she says matter-of-fact.

2. “I don’t care who you are….whether you are a Christian or not….life is hard. You just do the best you can,” Mom said.

3. “You’re so totally the favorite child,” my oldest brother says laughing. I shake my head laughing too. “OH, it’s true,” my sister says. I wanted to stick my tongue out at them.

4. “You have to add me on there or I can’t Facetime with you, Turdface,” my oldest brother says to my older sister. They were sitting side by side in Mom’s hospice bed each with their Ipads in hand.

5. “You just take whatever you want from my house,” my Mom says serious, “I’m not going back there.”

6. “Who’s the patient?” the nurses ask chuckling at my mom still coordinating the party.

7. “I wonder how you do that skipping,” my niece asks as we watched Dick Van Dyke skipping to Mary Poppins. Mom watched as some of us tried skipping like Bert. My nieces skipped down the hall. My brother-in-law started to until a nurse aide saw him at which point he sheepishly returned to the room we were in.

8. “I just take my chair where ever I go,” my brother-in-law said passing nurse as he wheeled my mom’s favorite recliner down the hall to her room. The nurse laughed. Mom was so happy to see her chair.


6 thoughts on “Hospice Partying

  1. I love that your family is finding joy. . . you’ll always be able to recall the fun times and the memories you’re continuing to make with your mom!

  2. God bless you and your family – especially your dear mother. What a gift that you see God still providing joy in the midst of suffering.

    I confess that I found your blog by Googling my own name – Katie Sciba – to see if my own blog would show in the results. I didn’t know there was another one out there!

    God bless! and please visit if you’re interested 🙂


    • Thank you Katie. This is pretty crazy that we have the same name and we both have a blog. We must be related? Or at least our husbands are? May God bless you too.

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