Sacred Space

Sacred space is hard to be in. You’ve been there.

It’s hard to be in, but it’s not always bad.

Falling in love is a good example of sacred space. Pregnancy. A loved one dying. An epiphany.

Life’s speed seems altered.

When you find yourself in sacred space, everything you do is framed through the lens of this space.

Everywhere you go, the back of your mind is filled with this sacred space.

Sacred space is a place you might relish and want to grab an blanket and snuggle into. Or you might want out of it asap. You might dislike the intensity of feelings, the burn of the eyes-wide-open stance, or the fact that you just can’t get anything done.

This is the moment where God really wants us to be. God wants us to be present in ordinary space too. But, here in the sacred….squirming or not….

Let it be sacred. Let it be. Let us be.

Show me your way O Lord.

Teach me your path, Holy One.

Lead me in truth, the source of salvation.

I wait for Thee. I wait for Thee.

I wait.

I wait.



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