Brothers and Sisters

I have three brothers and two sisters. It’s a lot for me to handle. Haha! Just kidding. I love them. They are funny. They are real. They are real funny too. They aren’t perfect (almost), but they love well and try their best to do life with God.

I’m the sixth child in my family. This should reveal volumes to you about my personality, ability to work with others, and my general hang-ups. What it really means is that I have had a lot of parenting. They like to say that I was their little slave, and I did everything they asked me to which involved a lot of fetching. I do not remember this, but I’m glad I could be so helpful.

My brothers and sisters comment sometimes on my blog…..but not in the comments section. They go straight to the horse’s mouth. Wait. That makes me a horse. Nevermind.  By the way this is a sweet pic that I am sharing with you. That’s me in the middle. Obviously this is a candid photo. Also, my brother is kissing my sister-in-law. There is a random girlfriend in this photo too. I have no idea who she is. I was busy scratching my leg apparently to even notice the kissing. My brother Ken does have a nice belt on. I wish I had that belt. My kids would wear it in the rodeo.

I’m just so grateful for these siblings, and I have my mom and dad to thank for them. I wasn’t always grateful for them, but who is? And right now, in the midst of Mom’s suffering, we are gathering back up like we were there in that horridly yellow kitchen. Oh, wait, I think that color is back in style. Sorry if your kitchen is that color. My kitchen needs help too.

It has been a hard week, and this day has been what we like to call around here a poop day for me. But a friend gave some humble advice today. “Time and prayers are really all there is in this situation. Spend a little time in prayer, and be grateful for what you do have,” he said.

So, I’m thankful for brothers and sisters who love, who stay, who text, who do my hair, who bring food, who have parented me too, who are caring for Mom so gently, who give so much, who let me wear their clothes, and who once upon a time….threw me across the room over and over…..I loved it. I begged for it. It was awesome. Way better than the hold-you-down-tickle-you-until-you-pee times.

P.S. Thank you for your prayers for our family this week. Blessings.


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