Finding Fun

It’s sad when your daughter tells you that you haven’t been much fun lately. I just told her that I will be fun again, but life is hard sometimes and I’ve been sad lately. Also, the word much leaves room for a little fun, so maybe I’m not a total drag, right? I decided to resume counting gifts today because it is helping me find the way through to some fun again. Walking through grief isn’t fun. I’ve tried to find another way around it, but you can’t go over it. You can’t go under it. You can’t go around it. You’ve got to go through it.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves today, and find some fun. Are you coming?

I’m very grateful today for…

664. Old tweezers…they once were lost but now they are found as of last night while cleaning the older girls room together. I was so terribly happy about this. I don’t know what it is about these tweezers. I just can’t find any newfangled ones that are as good as these good old tweezers. They just don’t make them like they used to..I guess. I love them. I really do. I’ve had them since like 1988 when I stole them out of my sister’s make-up drawer. Sorry, Kristi, it’s true. This shouldn’t surprise you since I operated on the “what’s yours is mine” philosophy back then.

665. My first flight…my Uncle-in-law took me up in his little Cessna on Sunday afternoon. He showed me the ropes….or the buttons. I loved it. I remember it all too…so if I’m in the plane with you sometime and you need to know what a “mixture” is, I’m your girl. He even let me fly a little. I’m not great at the vertical speed thing. It’s not my fault that vertical speed is just not a concern when you are driving a mini-van. I think I’m onto something, though. I might be a pilot when I grow up. Loved it!

666. Ironing is done. Good grief. Don’t neglect it already!

667. Finding the top of the barrel on the Barrel of Monkeys. Yeah, we should clean more under beds. Hush. I was so happy! I’ve been finding stray green monkeys all over the place and now I can finally shut them in. I was so glad of this find I told Lydia, “Finding this barrel top was my life’s dream!!!” She said, “Huh, I thought you said that never picking up after all of us again was your life’s dream.” And the laughter followed.

668. Good old Bounty Rice. Crowd-pleaser. Every time.

669. Cards received in the mail….like real letters. They mean a lot.

670. I am now officially a Graduate Student!

671. Music…all kinds!

672. Sister texts

673. New ideas

674. Rubber gloves….I’m particularly thankful for my green rubber gloves this week. There have been several disgusting jobs only a mom would have to do this week…one involving a very large tick. Ugh. I won’t say anything else except that the task lists for my week would  make you tired. And maybe nauseous.

675. Prayer….just the steady kind, not the looking for answers kind.

Join me in giving thanks.


holy experience


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