Oddness=Parental Statements

I can’t believe some of the words that come out of my mouth sometimes. They definitely give me pause and cause much pondering as to what parenting has done to me.

Here are my top ten (that I can remember):

1. “Do not lick the bathroom floor.”

2. “Please do not chew on your sister’s hair.”

3. “Do not bend each others’ fingers back.”

4. “We may only put dogs and stuffed animals on leashes. NO tying up sisters. And stay away from necks! Always.”

5. “Who left the guinea pig in the bathtub?!!!”

6. “Quit that laughing! You will jiggle, too. Just you wait. Your turn is coming!”

7. “You can’t take Bob (turtle) for a walk. It just doesn’t work that way.”

8. “Well, thankfully the Gibbon only bit her twice. Plus, she’s already had her rabies shot from that cat a few years ago.”

9.  “Just eat the cereal with the ants in it. It’s a bonus.”

10. “Okay, who stole baby Jesus? Seriously. Also, I need to know who keeps eating my dark chocolate.”


5 thoughts on “Oddness=Parental Statements

    • I’m glad you laughed. I’m sure you could add a lot. I remember when we first returned from Indonesia, and my girls had a fight in your living room. One had bit the other. I went on a rampage about how we don’t bite, and your girls were just sitting there listening. I said, “Look at your cousins! I’m sure they treat each other with repsect and never bite each other!” Your girls’ faces turned sheepish. Katherine said, “Bailey bit me like two days ago.” We all laughed.

  1. Katie, these are so funny. I need to make my own list. I am famous for yelling at my boys to stop fussing and eat their cake for breakfast.

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