Counting Again

Thanks be to God today for:

676.  Salon chair conversations

677.  Brown grass

678. writing possibilities

679. a visit from an old friend

680. sorrow and joy

681. Girl-intuition and a hug in the hallway this morning from my Maile-girl “It’s going to be okay, Mama.”

682. Empowerment

683. travel to come….yes, I know, wanderlust rises again…I’m working with it!

684. a class, discussions, papers, learning lots of new things

685. The photo of Mt. Everest I took through a window on a tiny plane with a very bad camera when I was in Kathmandu many years ago. It’s staring back at me today. I think it wants me to be inspired. I am.

686. hope

687. Chicken Pot Pie. Just go get the recipe. Your whole house will want to hug me. Okay so the link to the recipe is actually for turkey but the chicken recipe is in her cookbook and it’s the same. Use whatever old bird you want. 🙂

Join me in giving thanks.


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