Rodeo Days

1. Get your clipboard.

2. Pack your drinks.

3. Get your boots on.

4. Don’t forget your hat.

5. You’ll need a pen. image

6. Prepare yourself for a cheeseburger, a chili dog, nachos, or Frito pie. Those are your only options. Well sometimes there’s a chopped beef sandwich. Good stuff!

7. You might need to help set barrels, poles, or open chutes or drive a tractor or run calves back or work the stripping chute. Just be ready!

8. Bring your dog. The signs don’t really mean anything.

9. Eat your wheaties for breakfast because its going to be a long day. Actually it’s best if you pick up a sausage, egg and cheese taquito from the gas station on the way. Sticks to your ribs!

10. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you fall off. Sometimes you catch your calf. Sometimes you get bucked off. Sometimes you have a smoking run. It’ll be fun!


2 thoughts on “Rodeo Days

  1. @ The Landy. At first, I was stunned with you asking about frito pie. Now that I know you are not from around here, I understand. It is not actually “pie”. It is a bowl with frito’s (corn chips) covered with chili, cheese, and sometimes onions. It does not sound very appealing but is quite tasty.

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