Epic Fails

Warning: I am about to bear my failures of this season to you. It could make you laugh or cry. Don’t judge. Love ya!

1. Clean house…Just keep your shoes on when you come over, okay?

2. Gingerbread Barn….we seriously tried to put it together five times. Yes, it fell five times also. After several smart remarks from children about how we “should have waited for dad” I declared mercy, handed each girl a barn wall to decorate, and called it good. Claire cried. She really wanted the barn to have sound construction. I like to blame it on the rain….um…I mean icing quality. My 7th grader declared the barn an “epic fail.”

3. An hour before the Christmas school program on Monday night, I found myself at Hobby Lobby buying brown felt to make a reindeer costume. I looked a little desperate I think because the fabric cutter and  my 10-year-old began reassuring and patting me on the back. I’m happy to report the costume was not an epic fail….just my panic. Oh, and my reindeer was the cutest one of all. Of course!

4. The snowman in our front yard just wants to lay down. I get it. I really do. I’m with him. We are tired. Even with stakes, he has issues. He just falls every time, poor guy.

5. Neighbor and friend gifts. Usually, I make this awesome pancake mix for people. It’s a cinnamon oatmeal wheat pancake mix. It’s not happening this year. But, I wish someone would make me some.

6. Advent time as a family. Hmph. Every night I look at those candles and our cool quilt Jesse tree, and I think….fail. But, I don’t think of it till they’re all in bed and I’m about to heave myself into those yellow sheets. Oh, well, we’ll get ’em next year, right?

7. Getting enough sleep. I’m not sure this one is going to change, but this was Maile’s contribution so I wanted to share.

8. Organized meals. Phew. Never been this bad about this ever. But, eggs for dinner ain’t bad.

9. Sharp thinking. We are operating at full speed ahead, people=not always the sharpest. Plus, we have some grief in our lives. Also, this world is so sad sometimes that it makes thinking fuzzy.

Alright now, I’m sharing this with you because we all have epic fails in our lives. We all have seasons where expectations change, schedules change, lives change. Don’t worry about a thing. Every little thing is gonna be alright. Plus, I have a plan. Oh, yes. My plans have lists that get to be checked off which is my favorite part. Part of my plan includes this idea which my husband made reality for me. It’s a project board/idea board/to-do list board. I love it. I can see all of my brain on that board. Well, not all. We women have some mysteries to maintain, you know.

photo (5)

Also failures are teachers, if we let them be. So, I’m letting it all be.


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