Grand Tetons Part 7


KayakThis next day we had a whitewater kayak trip planned. Clay and Mattea had decided to go home early, but Clay wanted to go on this trip. So, I stayed behind with Mattea, Beth, and the kids that were too little to go on the trip. I have to tell you that we didn’t plan this very well. You shouldn’t do your longest hike where you get back to camp the very latest and then have to get up early to make it to your whitewater trip on time. Next time, we will remember this! I helped them to get ready to be gone early, and then I hoped that Claire would sleep in a bit.

Since I didn’t go on the kayak trip, I can only tell you what was told to me about it. They drove to the place, and they all were fitted for very cool wet suit gear. Since there was an odd number of peeps, my eldest daughter Anna, being the adventurous girl that she is, volunteered to be in a single person kayak. They were given a safety/kayak orientation, and they got in their boats and went down. They were in Class 4 rapids, and my husband said that Lydia (our 7-year-old) was in his kayak was pretty nervous the whole time. The rest of the people had a fun time, and no one cap-sized.

There were three guides with our group, and they were river rats saving up to kayak in other places in the world. The two younger guides had gotten in at 4am that morning from a four day kayak trip. The owner of the kayak trip was the other guide, and he complimented Anna on how she did on her own. Cole said he’s pretty sure the guides took the group all the way around the biggest rapids because they didn’t want to see their whole group flip over. Clay said the guides said our group was the “advanced duckie group” because they did so well. After they finished their trip, they went out to eat at a sandwich shop that was recommended by the guides.

Now, let me tell you about our ladies day. First, we went to the shower and the laundry. Oh, yes. It had been two days for me, and I was ready. Claire and I took our time to get clean, and I had to spend some time on my meaty blister heel cleaning and doctoring and covering. Ew. And ouch. And wow.

Then we did laundry which was sorely needed. I know this doesn’t sound exciting, but clean clothes on a camping trip are gold….especially socks!

Then we drove around looking for camp sites because we were going to have to move the next day. Our original plan was to canoe into a backcountry site on Jenny Lake, but we didn’t know if we would be able to get those sites. We also didn’t know if we would have the canoes because Clay was thinking he would take them home the next day. Our plans were up in the air, and our back-up plan was to camp near Jenny Lake, but this is one of the most popular spots and all the sites there were first-come, first-serve. We drove through all the camp sites in that area learning how to get in there quickly and get the spots we needed. Stressful! It is important to remain flexible when you are camping. Trust me.

We decided to eat lunch at the Signal Mountain Lodge after all that research. It was very yummy. I like National Park food! I had a blackberry margarita, and a hummus sandwich. It was good, but Beth’s chili and cornbread was better. Mattea was looking a little peaked, so we headed back to camp after lunch. With her settled into her tent, we took the kids to the Park store at Colter Bay. There is a little museum there, and we went through it and did some shopping. By this time, it was time for me to start cooking. I was making Cowboy Stew, and I went back to the camp and started cooking meat.

Cowboy Stew is a great meal for camping. All you need that is fresh is the ground beef, and then you just add cans of tomatoes, corn, green beans, and beef broth. I sliced a million potatoes too, and sauteed them for a while with the ground beef. Then I threw them all into the pot. Everyone was happy with this hot stew. Oh, and every night we made camp donuts. For camp donuts, you need biscuit dough, a pot of oil to fry it in, and a zip-lock bag of cinnamon sugar to toss them in. Fry up the biscuit dough in balls, and then toss them into the bag of cinnamon sugar. Yummy and perfect for around the campfire. This is Cole and Beth’s recipe, and they brought enough for us to enjoy donuts every night. Oh, wow, I need one right now! Jaymie liked hers with salt only because she doesn’t love sweets.

This whole day was great for my blister, and we that stayed behind felt rested. The kayakers were happy too albeit tired. Clay and Mattea decided to leave the next morning, and we were all a bit sad for them. The next day, we needed to move camp, so we were trying to figure out where we would go. Beth and I had a plan to go to the backcountry office straight away in the morning, and then go onto Jenny Lake and Signal Mountain if we didn’t get those. You’ll have to read the next post to find out what happened!!!!!

To be continued…


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