Yes, it’s the day after tomorrow. I already know what you were working on today. Don’t scoff. I know your list. It goes something like this:

Step 1. Do something with the extra trash and recycling filling up everywhere.

Step 2. Clean out, clean up, clean something. Observe what was under the couch. Take bets on what it is. Watch the dog eat your observation. Ew.

Step 3. Sit for a minute. Christmas is over. Breathe out. You made it.

Step 4. Look at work. See what missing Monday and Tuesday did to you.

Step 5. While surveying the work scene, finally hear the tenth whine that there is no milk for breakfast and the guinea pigs crying, “Hey Lady, we ain’t got no more dry food.”  Blink, nod, take off your slippers and stumble to Target.

Step 6. Observe others looking just like you in your sexy unbrushed pony tail and baggy jeans shuffling through Target. Pass just a little judgment on the lady in front of you for filling her cart with Christmas decorations.

Step 7. For just a second,start thinking about the New Year’s resolution you should have. And…shut it down. We are not ready for that yet.

Step 8. Gather the exchanges. Ugh. You can never find jeans that fit people in this house.

Step 9. Yell at the after-Christmas-grouchy children to quit yelling at each other. Separate people. Threaten little people. Make sisters say one nice thing to each other.

Step 10. Regret electronic purchases and mention something about mushy brains and people needing Vitamin D.

Step 11. Go to work. Do some work. Feel better. Make some lists. Get distracted.

Step 12. Burn some fish sticks. Tell your kids, “Your mom burns fish sticks.” (Hey, they laughed, too.)

Step 13. Go to bed early. Tomorrow is coming.



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