Going North

Did you know I like to make observations? Of course you do. You read them. Hey! Thanks!

So, here are my weird travel observations.

Weird 1. Don’t you love travelling when millions of other families are also traveling? I actually do. I don’t like the long lines at Whataburger, but it lends to a feeling of camaraderie for me and the rest of the people. It’s true today, and I feel it when we take summer vacations, too. Somehow it makes me feel warm and cozy inside to see other moms yelling at their kids in the gas station restroom and other dads bossing their kids to make sure lids are on straight and get more napkins and quit touching each other.

Weird 2. I’m writing curriculum (and obviously blogging) in the car while my kids watch Phineas & Ferb on Netflix. Super weird! What happened to sing-alongs and I-Spy? Oh, well. It’s quieter. If you are a lot younger than I am, then you might wonder why I think this is weird. I just want you to know when I was 9, I drove with a friend and her family in a station wagon with no A/C from Texas to Missouri. We had nothing to do. No radio. Windows down the whole way. When we wore out I-Spy, my friend’s mom started us on a game called “Hey Cow.” We teamed up on each side of the wagon in twos and hung ourselves out the window and yelled “Hey Cow!” as loud as we could. Whoever got the most cows to look at them won. It went on for a long time. There are a lot of cows in between Texas and Missouri. It was fun. I’m pretty sure I won.

Weird 3. Traveling smells. What is that smell? I’m not trying to be gross. I really can’t place it.

Weird 4. After millions of years, kids still ask “How much longer?” Someone needs to fix that.

Weird 5. We always lose shoes traveling. Okay, keeping it real: we always lose shoes, so it’s natural that it happens traveling.

Weird 6. It seems to be a theme for me to see a person in their PJs in public these days. This time it was in a Subway restaurant. It was like 1pm, and the mom and daughter had come to get lunch in their sleepwear. I don’t know about this. Would you do this? Have you ever gone to a public place in your pajamas? I’m not talking about comfy clothes either. I mean real pajamas…no guesswork about it. The daughter’s PJs were actually cute. Claire was eyeing them. I was waiting for her to tell me they needed a hairbrush, but she just stared at them. They did need a hairbrush by the way. I’m not judging. Just curious about these folks.

Happy Traveling! Or not!


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