Resolving…this year

Oh, 2013, I’ve really been waiting for you, but I don’t know how to resolve after this year.

I really don’t. Do you?

Have you ever had a year that pulled the rug out from under you?

Last year, it was More or Less.

And now, I just don’t know. But, the more I’ve thought about it, 2012 did teach me some pretty important things. I think I am going to resolve to remember them.

Oh, you know I’m going to share with you. Here we go:

Who needs a rug anyways?

Good questions are better than answers.

God is always present.

There can be bright joy in sorrow.

The worst moment can be the best moment.

That sun does rise in the morning, Thanks be to God.

Sometimes dreams come true. Oh, and I mean the good ones. 🙂

I will always miss my Mother. I’m okay with it. Today.

My sister-in-law has the same birthday as the Gangnum style guy.

Dying is methodical and mysterious.

I love the Grand Tetons.

And contributions from the family:

From Matt: A family with a strong foundation will blah blah blah cheeseball poop on a plate. (Mr. Smarty-pants)

From Anna: I truly appreciate everything we have.

From Maile: Sometimes it’s hard to let people go.

From Lydia: I’m gonna write a book.

From Claire: I’m in bed with a fever so I cannot comment.

PS. I went to get donuts in my pajamas this morning. No, I didn’t go inside. Drive-through PJs only. I just thought you should know.

Happy New Year!


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