Down the Road

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I haven’t quite abandoned my list of things that I am grateful for, but I’ve been a pretty big slacker in writing about them. As I have jumped into several new life adventures recently, my blogging time has become limited. I’m figuring out how to juggle it all, and this place of writing continues to be a great outlet for me. I am thankful for all of you who take your time to read this little blog. It’s been a fun journey down the road, and no worries! It will continue. Thank you so much for your faithful readership as we begin the third year of alwayssimplybegin.

The list continues to grow:

688. You….thanks for reading. Love ya!

689. This precious girl who goes horseback with her silly mom for the afternoon. She has a future as a comedian, I think, especially when she says things like “Mom, you don’t have to tell us not to squeeze the Caprisuns anymore when you give them to us. Cause we’ve been hearing that for years.”

690. Ponies in training by Claire. (Sounds like a business, doesn’t it? Maybe someday.)

photo (7)

691. New saddle pads

692. figuring out rodeo standings with my mother-in-law….we can work the numbers baby! Well, until we realized someone got a penalty which threw our placings off and made all the ten minutes we spent working the numbers a big waste. E for Effort!

693. Finding my way through in a new job.

694. Downton Abbey….sorry for this one, but I really can’t help myself. Plus, I wish I was the Dowager Countess because she gets all the good lines.

695. Taco soup

696. Brains. I’m learning about brains for my graduate class. It’s hurting my brain to learn about brains. Just thought you should know.

697. Epiphanies. Did you know it was Epiphany Sunday this week? We really shouldn’t sing “We Three Kings” until January, but no one wants to sing Christmas songs in January. I’m against it myself. But, the story of Christmas keeps going, and we all need that reminder. Hey, speaking of that, tomorrow, I’m posting a Christmas story that Maile (our ten-year-old) wrote. It’s time for Kid’s Writing Corner to make a comeback, people.

698. Guinea pig double chin. They jiggle in a furry sort of way. I’m not kidding.

699. Blue skies and bright sun on a winter’s day.

Join me in giving thanks!


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