Kid’s Writing Corner: The Meaning of Christmas

This is a story that I gladly share with you that was written by my daughter Maile (10 years old) about last year’s Christmas.

The Meaning of Christmas by Maile Sciba

It was Christmas Eve and I had just put the finishing touches on the cross-stitched snowman I was making for my grandma. I couldn’t wait to give it to her. I wrapped it up and put it under the tree. The next afternoon she would open it up and hopefully she would love it.

Christmas Day came. Finally, all of the family members were here so we could start opening the presents. The problem was we did it youngest to oldest, and my grandma was the oldest one there. So, I had to wait for everyone else to open their presents before I could give grandma hers. So we began the present opening.

Once everybody except for grandma had opened their presents, I was so excited I couldn’t wait for her to see it!!! But I also wanted her to open my present last, and there were a ton of presents for her. So, once again I would have to wait. Then after a ton of hustle and bustle there was only one present left under the tree. It was the present I had made for my grandma!

I walked over to the little package I had set there the night before, picked it up, and handed it to her. Slowly, she started to open it. Once she had pulled it out, she studied it tracing her fingers across the stitches. She looked up at me from her chair. “I love it!” she said grinning. I was so happy! It felt so good inside to give her something. That’s how I learned that Christmas is a holiday of giving, not receiving.


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