In Other Words

I had intentions to write a post related to prayer today, but every time I sat down a)I have to get back up to tend to my biscuits (translation=any work or children or responsibilities that you might have)  and b)All that tending made what was coming out of these fingers  not really related to prayer. So, I’m going with other words tonight. I just really need to give you my list of observations. I can’t keep them to myself. It wouldn’t be right. So, here you go:

1. Lydia (7 years) is a funny girl and I am definitely weird: We were working on her word search for spelling practice together, and I began to spell the words for her like I was in a spelling bee with a vampire voice. Don’t ask. No, just water at dinner. Maybe too much coffee today? She was giggling and being so cute that I said in my vampire voice, “Dahling, I love you so much, if I was a real vampire I would want to suck your blood!” She patted me on the back. “No, Mom, if you were a real vampire, you still wouldn’t suck my blood because I’m your daughter.” “Oh, right,” I said. And we went on to find the word tail.

2. Maile (10 years) is the loudest person in the world. I think I’ve blogged this before. But, I needed to tell you again, because after a game of UNO, my ears hurt. Love her. She needs to be an MC.

3. No one here likes to lose. Several people would say, “In your face!” every time they laid a card down. I won’t mention who threw who down after the UNO game or the hitting I had to wedge myself between or which girl ran crying to her room because I won the second game. I was dancing. Our dog Tater was stressed. This means I’ll be cleaning up some dog-puke later. Sorry. It’s true.

4. One of my favorite nursery songs when I was a small girl was Bill Grogan’s Goat. Do you know it? I started singing it the other day, but I couldn’t remember more than the first two lines. The girls wanted to hear the whole thing. We looked it up. We all listened. The goat eats Bill’s shirts. Bill’s mad. Bill ties the goat to the railroad tracks. What? Yeah, I forgot about that part. Claire’s eyes widened. Lydia whined, “Does the goat die Mom?” No, silly the goat doesn’t die! He coughs up the shirts and the train stops because the conductor sees the red shirts. “Wow, that was violent,” I said. “What’s violent mean?” Claire asked. “Why did you like that song, Mom?” Lydia asked. Hmm. I didn’t know what to say. I still like it. It has a catchy tune even it brought a little trauma on.

That’s it! Happy Wednesday!

P.S. You can use the biscuit phrase if you need it.



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