Pop Quiz

1. What is brown and furry, has three chins, eats his poop, and has a Jersey accent?

2. Whose vomit do I clean up daily?

3. Where is this picture taken?

4. What was accomplished this week?
a. a science experiment involving the hospital microbiology lab, stinky petri dishes, and purple gloves
b. rodeo practice every night for days on end
c. quilt sewing project for school
d. toy cabinet clean out
e. all of the above

5. From what movie is “I’m kind of a big deal”?

6. What liturgical (Christian church calendar) season are we in right now?

7. What in the John Henry am I doing in this photo? Also related, can you guess what my party trick is?


8. So, how’s your life?

9. Which daughter of ours recently said, “I really need to find Funky Town…because I am so funky!”
a. Anna (12)
b. Maile (10)
c. Lydia (7)
d. Claire (5)

10. What’s your best guess about what this is a photo of?


11. Why does Claire (5 years old) think people have bad breath?

Answers will be posted tomorrow! Good Luck!!


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