Pop Quiz Answers

1. What is brown and furry, has three chins, eats his poop, and has a Jersey accent?
Charles, but you can call him Charlie. He’s a good old guinea pig even if he does eat poop.
2. Whose vomit do I clean up daily?
Tater’s vomit. Bless her heart. She’s an old granny dog with stomach problems. We love her so much, but not her breath.

3. Where is this picture taken?


Up in the air of course, Silly. My uncle-in-law kindly took me up in his plane on Tuesday. He is very patient with me. I ask a lot of questions. I learned about stalling out in the air, how to give the plane yaw, what to do if you’re ever in a spin, and some landing information. I think I’m hooked. I really want to be a pilot when I grow up.
4. What was accomplished this week?
a. a science experiment involving the hospital microbiology lab, stinky petri dishes, and purple gloves
b. rodeo practice every night for days on end
c. quilt sewing project for school
d. toy cabinet clean out
e. all of the above

The answer is E of course. I wouldn’t want to disappoint you. There were some other accomplishments, too. But to keep going would be bragging. Also, the lab tech helping us at the hospital told me a funny joke. She said it really doesn’t stink too much when you get the petri dishes with the E. coli in them out of the incubator. I laughed. She’s been in there a little too long I think.

5. From what movie is “I’m kind of a big deal”?

AnchormanI actually have never seen this movie, but my husband likes to quote it.

6. What liturgical (Christian church calendar) season are we in right now?

Epiphany…what are you realizing during this season?

7. What in the John Henry am I doing in this photo? Also related, can you guess what my party trick is?


Oh, man. Get ready: I’m demonstrating how to walk down a steep hill like a goat. It’s fun. You have to grip the mountain with your feet. Funky arms are optional. I can’t tell you my party trick. I really just have to show you. My elbows hyper-extend to a really scary place. Kids run away….well, just my nephews. It’s a great party trick.

8. So, how’s your life?
I ask my children this question most days. I didn’t want you to feel left out.

9. Which daughter of ours recently said, “I really need to find Funky Town…because I am so funky!”
a. Anna (12)
b. Maile (10)
c. Lydia (7)
d. Claire (5)

The answer is B. And, this statement was made by Maile while she was dancing. She had some funky moves.

10. What’s your best guess about what this is a photo of?


This is Claire’s tortilla. I thought it was a rag or a cloth. I picked it up and asked if anyone needed a washcloth. Claire took it and wiped her face with it. Ah, kids. They are funny.

11. Why does Claire (5 years old) think people have bad breath?

Okay, so first Claire asked me if I went into space in Uncle Wes’ airplane. Lydia told her very condescendingly, “No, Claire, you have to have a special airplane to go to space.” Maile said, “Yeah, it’s called a spaceship.” When Claire asked why it was special, we got into a discussion about exiting the atmosphere. Lydia said, “That all makes sense except I don’t know what atmosphere means.” So, we got out the dictionary, and it said that atmosphere is gas surrounding a celestial body. Then I had to explain what a celestial body was while wondering about the Elementary Dictionary’s choice of words. Finally, Maile explained that gas was all around us on Earth. Claire said, “Ew, that is so gross.” We told her that the oxygen we are breathing right now is a gas and we are breathing it the whole time. She sat there for a while. Then she said, “Mom! That’s why we have bad breath! Because we are breathing gas!” Maile and I looked at each other and sighed. Then we laughed.

How did you do? Happy Thursday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Pop Quiz Answers

  1. I found your link through d365.org Passport. I have been using this devotional site for over a year as a lectionary basis for a daily ‘scripture scribble’ that I then send on to our missional study group at First Presbyterian Church. Although the site is intended for youth, I find I enjoy the various writers and perspectives. I think I am going to enjoy your writing very much! At least in scanning your blog, I love your approach to life, to God, and to our world!

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