Grand Tetons Part 11: Book Review!

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First of all, just go to your favorite bookstore and buy How to Babysit a Grandpa right now. How to Babysit a Grandpa has received awesome ratings in this house! Your kids will love for you to read it to them. The illustrations are adorable, and the story is precious.

The author Jean Reagan writes from a fun, whimsical perspective of the grandson who is “babysitting” his grandpa. When his grandpa comes to watch him, the little boy takes it upon himself to instruct the reader on how to babysit a grandpa. He tells the reader step by step what to do with a grandpa, and within the instructions are to-do type lists or “instructions” as my 7-year-old called it. What Jean did as she wrote with a child’s voice is bring the child reading the book into the story.

As I read it aloud to my two younger daughters who are 5 and 7 years old, they were enraptured. I saw their brains working and their smirky smiles. Lydia (7 years) said what she liked most about this book was the “instructions.” Claire (5 years) said she like the Grandpa the best. Oh, I liked the Grandpa too. The story brings you into the whole time this boy had with his grandpa, and by the end, you will be just as sad as the grandson when it is time for his grandpa to go. I was very sad, and I saw Lydia’s eyes dip in sadness.

The older girls read the book too, and they thought that it was pretty neat that I had met the author on our vacation in the Grand Tetons. Maile (10) and Anna (12) said the book was well written, cute, and clever. The illustrator (Lee Wildish) did a wonderful job at displaying the story that Jean wrote. The characters drawn are warm and cuddly, and we all like their spaghetti legs. There are cute animals in the book too, and the jacket artwork (drawings the little boy did for his grandpa) is endearing.

I’m pretty picky about what I enjoy reading aloud to my children; although, I am willing to read what they pick (most of the time). But, I am being honest when I tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed reading How to Babysit a Grandpa to my girls. I will never be sorry when this one is pulled off the shelf and handed to me.

Read it, people. Just do it.

I want to thank Jean Reagan for the signed copy that she gave me and for giving me backcountry camping tips. I was under no obligation to give Jean a good review for this book. This review is merely my honest opinion.

P.S. Wow my hand is wrinkly looking. Yes, I fixed the book jacket after I took the photo. Don’t yell.

To be continued….there was one more day of our trip and it’s a doozy. Wait for it.


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