This Week

1. You really can burn out on coffee.

2. Group final exams….well, what can I say?

3. Work has been an adventure.

  • A dog tried to bite me. No worries. He was blind, so he missed.
  • I felt bad for him.
  • I almost was spat on (accidentally). I won’t say anything else…well…no nevermind it’s too gross.
  • This healthcare community can be dramatic. It’s like the Bold and the Dutiful.

4. I have to go back to researching and writing now, but I had to come over here for a minute.

5. I really want to finish the Grand Teton series. It will happen.

6. Praying in Color is a very creative way to pray. You should try it.

7. Who needs sleep anyways?

I’ll be back later.


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