Being Grateful

Don’t you think the word grateful is strange looking? I do. When I look at it, it reminds me of the word grate…for grate on your nerves. It evokes a negative emotion for me. I thought you should know. Today seemed a good day to resume my attempt at counting 1000 gifts. I’m a slacker on this one these days, and that’s the truth. I’ve been full-on with my brain lately which makes it easy for me to stay on auto-pilot. Today I stop and I give thanks for these gifts in my life. Join me.

700. Junior Mints. Junior mints can be your late night friends when you are writing.

701. Sleep. Sleeping is weird. I just went and checked on the girls and they are out. It reminded me of when people are cryogenically frozen and you look at them through those glass tubes. Maybe they’re really tired. Maybe I’m really tired.

702. Blogging. I miss blogging. I am doing a lot of different writing and reading and studying and working these days. I am glad when I have time to hang out here.

703. Praying in Color. You could be cool like me and have colored chalk for your chalk board. Then praying in color would be five times the fun.

704. Co-workers. Man, I have some crazy co-workers. They make me laugh so hard sometimes. Also, I am proud of how hard they all work.

705. Finished and turned in writing projects. Nothing like it. Really. What a feeling!!!! You are singing it. I can hear you.

706. Blueberry cobbler. Sorry you missed it.

707. Finished tile. I actually might have a bathroom again. He’s in there painting as I type. Pictures coming later.

708. Group Final Exam completed. This one wore me out. I’m so glad my group worked so well together.

709. As For Us by Fernando Ortega.

710. This photo of my mother.

Young Mom


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