1. Hair left on the side of the bathtub. Isn’t this just like a used bandaid? No one wants to throw it away, but somebody has to. I wish it wasn’t me.

2. Lizard friend in all the wrong places. I was ironing my youngest a dress on Sunday morning, and I felt something wet on my leg inside my trousers. I thought it was lotion I needed to rub in. So, I rubbed on it through the pants, and the wet spot wiggled. You should have seen me jump. Boy, I got those pants off quick just as a larger than medium green lizard dropped on the floor and ran under the couch. My oldest, who loves lizards, ran in and quickly found him. “Wow, you sure made him mad! Poor thing!” She said accusingly while taking him outside. I looked at Maile and eyed my pants on the floor. “It was his fault for being in my closet,” I said, very mature. The worst part is that I had been dressed for a while. Ew. I put my pants back on and shivered and said, “I’m still creeped out.” “Get over it, Mom,” Maile said in a loving pre-teen tone of voice. If you want my advice, shake those pants before you put them on.

3. A second toilet! I’m not kidding. After two years and two months, we officially have a second toilet in our house. Someone sound the trumpets! It’s amazing! Seriously, it is really nice with six peeps to have a second one. I’m feeling rich.

4. A newspaper column. It’s a first for me, but it was really fun to see it come out last Saturday! Yay!

5. Crying during family circuit workouts. Mountain climbers brought on some whining. There was laughing during the crunches. They liked the chin-ups, but wow, push-ups. At this point I thought, hey, this family circuit workout is just like when we try to do Advent together. There’s music, some yelling, a little crying, and some sarcasm. The only thing missing was prayer. Lord, help me.

6. This precious photo my aunt by marriage took at Easter of our girls. Goodness. I like them a lot more in this photo than I did during our workout together.

Photo Credit: Donna R. Cole

Photo Credit: Donna R. Cole

Hope you get some surprises this week!


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