Two Things

I am always doing two things at once. Did you know? Right now I’m writing a paper and blog post. I should be writing a paper and that’s all, but I like to multi-task. I clean the bathroom and listen to lectures. I cook and call out spelling words. I iron and watch television. I plan articles and talk on the phone. I’m not sure if this is a good thing, but I find it rare to one-thing-it. Today two peculiar things came to mind that I need to share with you.

1. Driveways:

  • You know your Wednesday will be a good one when you see a large, peculiar pile of cat puke in your drive-way. Wow. A closer look revealed a little mole foot sticking out of it. Wow, indeed. I’m sorry but I didn’t photograph it. You’re gross for thinking about that anyways.
  • Would it bother you if there were bits of sidewalk chalk strewn about your driveway? And cars run over it. And rain makes it smear a bit. And children bring more out. Constantly? It obviously doesn’t bother us.

2. Hallways:

  • My dog, Dot, likes to lay in our hallway and sleep.It’s not cozy at all. We have wood laminate floors. There is not a rug. She especially does it when I’m writing in the office. I think she is protecting me. Or not. She just lies on her side with her stick legs sticking out.
  • My daughter, Lydia will only brush her teeth in the hallway. We’ve all tried to get her to brush her teeth in the bathroom like a normal person. I have asked her. Her sisters have shamed her. She cares not. She says that the hallway is where she brushes her teeth. The end.

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