The Go-To List

Everyone has their Go-To list. These are the things that make us feel better or make our children feel better or at least make us feel like we are making our children feel better….or at the very least make our children feel like we have fixed something for them. Here’s ours.

For the wounded:

A Cool Rag…this can fix anything. I’m serious. Burns, wounds, abrasions, bruises, fake wounds, sister scratches, you name it.


Outside fresh air…This can cure you, too. Although last summer when we came into the A/C from hot, sweaty weather, Claire says, “Ahh! Fresh air!” We all just stared at her. I don’t know why we didn’t correct her.

For those who hunger and thirst:

Fresh drinks….every night for their whole lives, our children ask us to get them a fresh drink. It’s our fault really. We used to live in the tropics where we pretty much stayed dehydrated. Also, we never wanted them to get out of their beds once we said goodnight. Now we pay.

piece of cheese…an acceptable before bed snack. We are suckers really. They know we will always get them a piece of cheese. You’d think we were mice.

bowl of cereal…we are real cereal people here. Crunchy cereal people.

chocolate milk

For the downtrodden:


Popcorn…this makes everyone feel better for some reason.

Song and dance…we are full of them around here. Just you wait.

a made-up, on-the-spot story…this all started when we would be traveling overseas and not have a book to read to the kids at night. I would make up these horrid, uncreative stories. They loved them. I’m pretty sure it was because they were always the main characters.


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